Jim Houck

Age: 37

Occupation: Owner of Move It Now of Greater Akron.

How long have you lived in Stow? For six years, and I opened my business here in March.

How would you describe the Stow-Munroe Falls area to someone who has never been here? It's family-friendly, and it's in a great location, between Cleveland and Akron.

What is your favorite activity in the area? Going to [Stow-Munroe Falls] high school basketball games, and playing softball in a Sunday night league. I also enjoy the Fourth of July pancake breakfast.

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy tennis and softball, and playing with my two dogs, Maggie and Mya. I am on the board for the Humane Society of Greater Akron; I have been involved with that for four years.

What would you do if you were the mayor of Stow? I would really emphasize and prioritize the development of the downtown area. I think it's needed. There needs to be a focal point in Stow, and there needs to be a gathering place for the community. I also would encourage unique, upscale restaurants to come to the area. I think we need a more diverse selection of restaurants.

What is your biggest accomplishment? I think it's yet to come. Hopefully, it will relate to being an ethical and successful businessman and being an exceptional father. My wife, Kathleen, and I are expecting twin boys, and I am very excited. They are due in July.

Whom do you most admire (excluding relatives)? The staff and volunteers at the Humane Society, for their selfless dedication in caring for the animals in the shelter.

What is the strangest job you have ever had? (if unsure, the worst job ever?) I was a bartender at wedding receptions the summer after I graduated from Ohio State [University].

It was interesting, especially when it was open bar.

Something most people don't know about me is ... that I'm having twins.

Compiled by Andrea Cole