Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Macedonia —


Warrant issued for woman: A Reminderville woman, 25, was charged with fourth-degree felony counterfeiting and misdemeanor theft July 29 in connection with three counterfeit $100 bills that were passed at Macedonia Commons Boulevard store the woman worked at in late June. According to Stow Municipal Court records, a warrant was issued for the woman’s arrest.

A store employee reported July 4 that after the bills were discovered, she watched security video and saw that on June 29, the Reminderville woman’s last day working at the store, the woman accepted three $100 bills from an unknown male for the purchase of a $289 cell phone. The employee said the woman appeared to be holding the bills so that another employee standing next to her could not see them and then placed them under a stack of other bills in the register, something that is not normally done. The employee said the woman could then be seen leaving the store a few minutes after the male and getting into a vehicle with him.


Woman reported scam: A Macedonia woman reported July 25 that she was scammed out of $1,400 while trying to sell furniture online. The woman said she accepted an offer of $430 from a female on July 16, who sent a check for more than $2,100. The woman said she then deposited the check into her bank account and following the female’s instructions, wired $900 to a man in Connecticut who owned a moving company. The woman said she was then instructed to wire $700 more, but when she was unable to do so, she purchased a $500 gift card and sent the female photos of the card. She was then instructed to send the female a $200 money order, but getting suspicious, she instead contacted the FBI and a credit monitoring company. The woman said the FBI informed her this was a common scam and that the check was likely not good. The credit monitoring company requested that she file a police report, the woman said.

Man charged with felony shoplifting: A 25-year-old Warrensville Heights man was charged with fifth-degree felony theft after police responded to a report that the man left a Macedonia Commons Boulevard store without paying for four streaming devices, 36 video games, 10 DVDs and two herbal oils totaling nearly $1,650 in value July 19. Police said they arrested the man in the store’s parking lot and found the video games and streaming devices in a shopping cart he was pushing and the DVDs and oils down his pants. Police took him to Macedonia City Jail.

Store scammed out of $1,000: The manager of a Route 82 store reported July 18 that an unidentified man scammed the store out of $1,000 during the purchase of a money order. The manager said that while paying for the $2,000 money order with $100 bills, the man counted the money out in $500 increments and asked a clerk to count the money, then grabbed it back to count it himself again. After doing this several times, the man was able to confuse the clerk enough to palm $1,000 before completing the transaction. The manager said a few minutes later, the man tried to get another employee to give him $400 in $100 bills in exchange for $350 in $50 bills, but was unsuccessful. The manager said that a short time later, he discovered there was a $1,000 shortage in the money order transaction, but the man was gone and the money order had already been redeemed at an unspecified location.


Screen door found open: A Versailles Place woman reported July 19 that when she returned home at 12:15 a.m. July 19, she found her home’s front screen door open. The woman said that when she left home nearly 15 hours earlier, she had made sure the door was locked. The woman said she recently had her locks changed and she was the only one with the keys, but police said it appeared undamaged. Police said they checked other exterior doors and windows, and they were all secure.