by Kristin Casale


Munroe Falls -- Due to what Law Director Jack Morrison called a "clerical error," a former Planning Commissionmember will return to his post.

During City Council's June 19 meeting, Morrison told city officials that Mayor Frank Larson should not have removed Gregg Bartholomew from Planning Commission last December, and that Bartholomew can return to his post.

Although Larson said he thought Bartholomew's term was up last December, Morrison determined Barth-olomew's term will expire at the end of this year.

Because of this, Morrison said, Planning Commissionmember John Long must step down. Larson appointed Long to the Commission in January 2007 to replace Bartholomew.

Morrison said Long's appointment is "a nullity, because there was no vacancy."

Long declined to comment.

Bartholomew said he plans to return to Planning Commission, stating, "I am very interested in serving out the completion of my term."

Larson said he chose not to renew Bartholomew's term when he thought it was up last December because, "I felt John Long would be an excellent choice for that position."

Larson said the error was unintentional.

"Three or four years ago, there was a mistake on who replaced who [on the Planning Commission]," said Larson, stating the city's records incorrectly showed Barth-olomew occupying a term set to expire this year. "The dates were juggled around."

Larson said Councilmember Dave Bertsch brought the error to his attention in April, when Barth-olomew said he told Bertsch he believed his term ended prematurely.

But Morrison said he did not confirm an error occurred until this month, because he had to examine the city's records.

Bertsch, who serves as Council's representative on the Planning Commission, said he is pleased the city resolved the error.

"It looks like it's going to be addressed," he said.

City Council President Mike O'Donnell said he supports Barth- olomew returning to Planning Commission.

"If there was a mistake, we would like to rectify it," he said.

Morrison said Bartholomew can return to his post beginning with the June 26 Planning Commission meeting.


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