LAKE TOWNSHIP - More than 2,000 volunteers turned out at the Greentown Fire Department Thursday morning to help in the search for Jessie Marie Davis, a 26-year-old Lake Township woman who works at Allstate Insurance in Hudson.

The volunteers, spearheaded by Tim Miller, founder of the Houston-based search group EquuSearch, were scheduled to begin their search at 8:30 a.m., but due to the large number of volunteers, the time was pushed back closer to noon.

Miller said the turnout was "overwhelming and almost out of control" but assured everyone that the search would be handled properly and they will do their best to find Davis. The searchers were broken up into teams headed by a leader and if anything was discovered they were asked to remain where they were and inform the leader. Searchers were also asked to retreat along the same paths so they did not destroy any potential evidence.