Out of more than 10,000 workers in Northeastern Ohio, Matt Sikorski was named a McDonald's restaurants Crew Person of the Year in April.

The award is based on attitude, speed, accuracy, personality and teamwork.

Sikorski began his career two years ago at the McDonald's restaurant at 5020 Darrow Road in Stow as a cashier.

He now makes salads and parfaits, trains other crewmembers, takes drive-thru orders, and can operate the cooking equipment in the restaurant during any breakfast, lunch or dinner rush.

"When I met Matt more than three years ago, it was apparent that he was truly a 'people person,' and I knew right then, that he was the right man for the job," said Sal Baglieri, McDonald's owner and operator. "Matt has a unique challenge, he's a person of short stature, and the McDonald's equipment is designed for a person of average height, but with a few quick phone calls, I knew that we could remedy that situation.

"My instinct was right on with this guy, not only is he a remarkable young man that meets any challenge he is given, he's a true leader."