As the Fishcreek Elementary School music specialist, I would like to publicly thank two very generous people for their kind support and time in contributing to this year's annual Arbor Day program at Fishcreek.

Laurie Vitt, from Amber Gardens, repeatedly returns to our school each Arbor Day to explain to our students the proper way to plant and care for a newly planted tree. Not only does she demonstrate and explain the correct techniques of digging the right size hole, separating the roots, adding compost, soil, topsoil, mulch and water, but she also brings a donated tree to plant and beautify our school grounds.

After her demonstration, students attended an assembly, which started with a PowerPoint presentation about the importance of trees and the singing of "Evergreen Everblue" and "Plant a Tree," with choral choreography. A viewing of "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss followed the presentation.

The end of the day was made very special as Mike Whalen of Huntington Learning Center in Stow volunteered to purchase, order, pick up and deliver 400 blue spruce seedlings, one for each Fishcreek student to take home to plant. This was the perfect culmination of a wonderful Arbor Day celebration at Fishcreek.

Students have kept me updated about their baby trees and how they are taking care of them. Some students have given names to their trees. Some students who could not plant their tree in their yard found a good home for the tree in their grandparent's yard.

Once again, I would like to say, "Thank you so very much," to Laurie and Mike for all of their community service contributions. We really do appreciate their time, resources and efforts.

Judith Mikes