Dynamics Theatre will present "Tallmadge In Revue" March 9 and 10.The revue will feature acts or vignettes set against the backdrop of one of four eras: pioneer days, Civil War era, turn of the century and from the 1940s on.The theater is looking for assistance with choreography and musical accompaniment for this show. For details, contact Nancy Wack at 330-633-3291 ext. 8009.The theater also will present "Boardwalk Melody Hour Murders," its annual dinner theater fundraiser. This event is Feb. 10 at the Tallmadge Community Center. The doors will open at 6 p.m.In this show, the year is 1933 and Prohibition is in full swing. The musical mystery comedy is set in the Imperial Ballroom in Atlantic City for the broadcast of the Boardwalk Melody Hour.Tickets are $20 per person, and include dinner. Contact Kirsten at 330-922-3264 for details.