by Irv KormanCorrespondentTom (Sean Derry) works in an office. He is currently dating Jeannie (Alanna Romansky), one of the more desirable, physically attractive office girls. He also works with shallow Carter (Tony Weaver), who uses Tom's office as a lounge and gossip center.One day, Tom meets Helen (Jenna Messina) at lunch in a nearby cafeteria-restaurant. A conversation ensues and Tom seems smitten with Helen despite her heavy physical appearance. Witty Helen, a librarian, kids with Tom about her weight and appears strongly defensive, yet charming.Tom's relationship cools toward svelte Jeannie while warming toward corpulent Helen. Carter needles and cajoles Tom into revealing why the coolness toward Jeannie. Tom knows where shallow Carter's reaction and eventual actions will lead. This is, after all, the age of "skinny" and slim images of the young all over the airwaves and print media.This is the essence of "Fat Pig" at The Bang and the Clatter Theatre until Feb. 11.When Carter sees Tom and Helen at Tom's favorite Chinese restaurant, the cat is out of the bag. Carter is relentless toward Tom about his new "heavy" girlfriend. Tom becomes very defensive and lectures Carter on inner beauty, etc. When Tom shows Carter a photo of his new girlfriend, Carter dashes out of Tom's office and immediately posts the photo on the company computer system for all to see.Despite the pressures, Tom continues his relationship with cautious Helen. She knows her physical appearance is a barrier to relationships and is careful about her feelings for Tom, fearing he will eventually leave because of her physical appearance. Will Tom succumb to peer pressure or take the next logical step in his relationship with Helen?Thanks to the intimate physical performing area of the theater, it makes us part of the production. We are very close to the action whether it is in Tom's office, Helen's bedroom, or on the beach for an office party.Tom's office seems properly appointed with all the modern conveniences. The simple settings of the cafeteria, Chinese restaurant, Helen's bedroom, and particularly the beach are appropriately simple and functional.The office boys have every reason to want a date with the attractive Jeannie, thanks to Romansky's portrayal.Weaver is perfect as office weasel, Carter. The modern Archie Bunker mentality is in full bloom in the young Carter thanks to Weaver. Though we laugh and loathe the character, how much are we inwardly like Carter in reality?Messina is compelling as Helen. We witness a beautiful person inside as well as the neck up. It's from her neck down that concerns society and Helen as well. Messina's Helen displays all the defensive witty puns on her physical condition but is very guarded toward her relationship with Tom, as she should be. How many times has Helen been hurt? She even confesses to Tom she will do anything to keep him: diet, surgery, or whatever it takes. But is her candid confession enough to overcome peer pressure on Tom?Derry, as Tom, asks why people look at only the physical part of a person, believing that Helen is beautiful inside. No matter how many times he lectures Jeannie and especially Carter, is he, in reality, lecturing himself? Derry is proper as Tom, although a mere shave and hair trim would make Derry more believable as an up-and-coming office worker."Fat Pig" has very adult language and situations. An edited, more toned-down edition of "Fat Pig" would be ideal for every middle school and high school student to see as a lesson and example of peer group pressure.Foray into society's major hang-up and neurosis with body-image by attending "Fat Pig" at The Bang and the Clatter Theatre until Feb. 11. Ticket and show informationShows are Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m., and Jan. 28 at 8 p.m, in the Summit ArtSpace Facility, 140 E. Market St.All tickets are $15. All students and seniors are "pay as you can" for each show. Two "Blackout Monday" performances, provided for all regional actors and theater technicians, will be Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $7.50 for "Blackout Monday" performances. "Dinner and a Show" packages are also available through Crave Restaurant. For details, call the box office or visit online at For ticket reservations call the box office at 330-606-5317.