The Aurora girls swimming and diving team won the six-team Bedford Relays Saturday.

The Lady Greenmen finished with 70 points. Nordonia took second with 52 points and Bedford placed third with 48 points.

The Aurora boys finished second with 58 points. Nordonia won the competition with 68 points and Lyndhurst Brush captured third with 54 points.

The following Aurora relays placed in the top three:


* 200-yard medley: Madeline Schmitt, Whitney Lieberth, Elizabeth Barto and Gabriella Elsas, first, 2 minutes, 8.16 seconds

* 500 freestyle: Lara Ketonen, Sydney Manderbach, Schmitt and Julia Brezovec, first, 5:31.47

* 400 medley: Jane Puzder, Molly Russell, Remy Stock and Lauren Sapochetti, second, 5:07.38

* 200 butterfly: Barto, Puzder, Russell and Lauren Sapochetti, third, 2:14.18

* 200 backstroke: Russell, Elsas, Stock and Schmitt, first, 2:14.06

* 200 breaststroke: Lieberth, Manderbach, Brezovec and Lauren Sapochetti, first, 2:24.69

* 400 freestyle: Elsas, Catherine Victor, Claire Schiopota and Ketonen, third, 4:28.99


* 200 medley: Alexander Bailey, Tyler Hayes, Tyler Liston and Nicholas Belofsky, second, 1:57.71

* 500 freestyle: Liston, John Bender, Belofsky and Nathan Meyer, first, 5:05.12

* 400 medley: Alexander Bailey, Hayes, Liston and Gunnar Meyer, third, 4:28.88

* 200 butterfly: Bailey, Collin Sapochetti, Nathan Meyer and Gunnar Meyer, second, 2:01.08

* 200 backstroke: Kyle Ruher, Joseph Liang, Vincent Harper and Bender, third, 2:33.84

* 200 breaststroke: Gunnar Meyer, Harper, Collin Sapochetti and Hayes, second, 2:20.98

* 400 freestyle: Bender, Liang, Nathan Meyer and Belofsky, third, 4:15.39