James Sjostrom and Isabella Payne were the top male and female runners in Aurora's July 4 5K run. Sjostrom's time was 15:47.8 and Payne's was 19:57.1.

Rounding out the three top males were Jeremiah Fitzgerald (16:01.6) and Jacob Ondash (16:38) and rounding out the top three females were Nicole Bradley (21:01.3) and Tyler Mae Hunter (21:21.3).

The male masters winner was Joshua Barry in 18:16.7 and the female winner was Mary Ruehr in 22:26.12.

The top three in each age group of the 5K were as follows:

MEN -- (10 and under) Ryan Slisz (22:02.2), Tyler Wolfe and Dan Arnold; (11-14) Gavin Kane (19:22.1), James Hoover and Jimmy Mehallis; (15-19) Mitchel Wilburn (17:29.1), Donovan Boyle and Patrick Hackett; (20-24) Cameron Posner (17:03.7), Josh Marchese and Justin Pavlick.

(25-29) Andrew Foote (20:30.5), Michael Hasychak and Thomas McKenzie; (30-34) Eric Foote (21:45.6), Doug Holtzman and Kevin Erickson; ((35-39) Kenneth Buno (17:57.4), Matthew Delly and Josh Trook; (40-44) Edward Kanieski (19:21.7), Ryan Evans and Scott Flynn.

(45-49) Stephen Godale (18:48), Dave DeMatteis and Rob Rodusky; (50-54) Curt Bachus (19:08.7), Joe Daczko and John Haslinger; (55-59) Kenneth Rabatin (20:39.9), Steve Marlow and Tom Toth; ((60-over) Douglas Owens (21:10.6), Larry Evans and Dave Palchesko.

WOMEN -- (10 and under) Addy Bates (26:27.5), Isabella Cicero and Sreenivan Keerthi; (11-14) Ila Kerchenski (22:15.8), Hayley Joslyn and Mikayla Jones; (15-19) Melissa Soltisz (21:28.4), Karsen Zabell and Katy Fellenstein; (20-24) Deanna Calder (22:07), Natalie Pisicznyk and Davy Vargo.

(25-29) Heather Kuch (22:45.9), Audrey Holtzman and Ariana Frargos; (30-34) Jinger Moore (23:40.9), Harmony Spry and Emily Geisinger; (35-39) Kayt Pattee (23:17.4), Kara Mayle and Jenny Kerchenski; (40-44) Margaret Emrick (26:05.5), Lissa Bates and Heather Hesse.

(45-49) Kim Ondash (22:44.3), Jill DeMatteis and Debby Lurch; (50-54) Debbie Mehallis (25:56.5), Wendy Wilson and Renee Strong; (55-59) Tina Case (23:00), Sue Payne and Melissa Kaiser; (60-over) Linda Black (26:54.5), Sue DeMay and Lola Plough.

The top three in each age group of the 1-mile run were:

MEN -- (6 and under) Henry Trook (9:57.9), Ethan Bradley and Owen Fellenstein; (7-9) Benjy Nemet (7:07.9), Harper Kane and Johnny Slisz; (10-12) Ethan Beck (6:11.7), Henry Hoover and Mason Kane.

(13-14) Matt Studer (5:56) and Nate Ruehr; (15-19) Jimmy Kish (6:10.8), Caleb Tinsley and Mac Austin; (20-39) Cullen Whisenhunt (7:34.5), Darik Warnke and Jonathon Whirte; (40-over) Vince Cannata (7:01.9), Glenn Singleton and Norman Thomas.

WOMEN -- (6 and under) Isabella Nelson (8:29.5), Anna Borbach and Avery Deimling; (7-9) Caitlin Miller (7:58.2), Abigail Zbiegien and Lexi Hradek; (10-12) Marcella Hydell (8:14.8), Paige Hradek and Chloe Nuzillat.

(13-14) Mackenzie Krafak (7:59.1) and Katie Cannata; (15-19) Claire Fedor (7:28.1), Sarah Gerber and Brooke Kozar; (20-39) Courtney Fedor (7:53.7), Sarah Dressel and Erin Deimling; (40-over) Kristi Breyer (8:16.4), Trina Castro and Chris Kozar.