Twenty-three members of the Hudson girls and boys swimming and diving teams participated at the Junior Varsity Championship Meet Feb. 4 at Canton McKinley High School's C.T. Branin Natatorium.

"It was a outstanding performance by all 23 of our swimmers," Hudson head coach Matt Davis said. "One of our team goals we set at the beginning of the season was for everyone that would swim at JV Champs was to make the podium [top 8] and they all did that at least once.

"This is my favorite meet of the year as it shows the hard work our kids put in. So many of our young swimmers had amazing breakthrough swims and we are excited about their future with our program.

"They helped to inspire the rest of the team as they head into the sectional tournament."

The following Lady Explorers and Explorers finished in the top eight:


200-yard medley relay: Elizabeth Mitalski, Anna Baldwin, Rachel Ambroziak and Gaelyn Doyle, first, 1 minute, 59.71 seconds

200 freestyle: Kaitlyn DeWitt, second, 2:02.07; Baldwin, third, 2:06.82; Kelly Ross, fifth, 2:14.31; and Marianna Soriano, seventh, 2:17.83

200 individual medley: Meredith Kozar, first, 2:26.71; Emma Fisher, second, 2:29.52; and Erin Morgan, sixth, 2:32.67

50 freestyle: Doyle, second, 26.21; and Mitalski, seventh, 27.27

100 butterfly: Ambroziak, first, 1:04.47; DeWitt, second, 1:05.56; and Erin Morgan, third, 1:09.19

100 freestyle: Corinne Kampman, second, 57.16; Baldwin, third, 58.68; Doyle, fourth, 59.69; and Ross, eighth, 1:01.27

500 freestyle: Ambroziak, second, 5:40.74; Fisher, third, 6:00.43; and Ines Roessler, sixth, 6:13.66

200 freestyle relay: Corinne Kampman, Meredith Kozar, Doyle and DeWitt, first, 1:45.44; and Roessler, Fisher, Julianne Elbin and Soriano, seventh, 1:55.56

100 backstroke: Mitalski, second, 1:05.34; Corinne Kampman, third, 1:05.4; Anna Shaw, fourth, 1:07.2; and Kozar, fifth, 1:08.27

400 freestyle relay: DeWitt, Ambroziak, Corinne Kampman and Baldwin, first, 3:56.68; and Fisher, Mitalski, Sarah Travis and Ross, second, 4:07.05


200 medley relay: Jack Morgan, Mike Piel, Ethan Rocco and Sean Weigel, first, 1:49.19

200 freestyle: Jack Morgan, first, 1:59.51

200 IM: Alek Vizmeg, first, 2:10.34; Rocco, second, 2:20.32; and Calvin Kampman, third, 2:20.34

50 freestyle: Weigel, seventh, 24.59

100 butterfly: Vizmeg, second, 59.58; and Rocco, third, 59.59

100 freestyle: Piel, third, 53.49; Jack Morgan, fifth, 54.54; and Weigel, sixth, 54.79

200 freestyle relay: Vizmeg, Rocco, Calvin Kampman and David Ramirez, fifth, 1:43.83

100 breaststroke: Piel, first, 1:09.4; Ramirez, seventh, 1:15.26; and Calvin Kampman, eighth, 1:15.58

400 freestyle relay: Vizmeg, Jack Morgan, Weigel and Piel, first, 3:37.08

The Division I sectional competition is scheduled to take place this week at the University of Akron's Ocasek Natatorium. Boys diving is set to take place Feb. 8 and girls diving is scheduled for Feb. 9. The meets are set to take place at 6 p.m. both days.

Swimming is scheduled to take place Feb. 11 at 8:15 a.m.


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