Spectacular weather greeted dozens of runners for the annual Aurora Labor Day Classic 5K at Sunny Lake Park, which culminated with competitors and observers eating pancakes.

James Sjostrom was the top male finisher in 15:45.4, followed by Max Gross (17:16.3) and Mark Ruppo (17:44.9). For the women, Davy Vargo placed first overall in 21:39, followed by Jenna Lovasz (22:08.5) and Lisa Hallis (22:15.7).

The top three males in age groups were:

(10 and under) Austin Otero, Ryder Lennon, Michael Piccirrillo; (11-14) Jacob German, Andrew Leon, Reece Emrick; (15-19) Ben Gross, Ben Stager; (20-29) Stephen Kudley, Dan Post, Luc LaBonte.

(30-39) Eric Daly, Matt Delly, Adam Tyjeski; (40-49) Joshua Barry, Stephen Godale, Ron Swiger; (50-59) Curt Bachus, Paul Yoe, Tim Fortin; (60-older) Dave Palchesko, John Plough, Kim Bellian.

The top three females in age groups were:

(10-under) Eva Logan, Alyssa Hallis, Julia VanBokkeler; (11-14) Megan Hale, Emalee Mihalek, Ally Kaufman; (20-29) Kelsey Kempert, Katie Hansan, Lianna Holub.

(30-39) Stacey Ward, Elizabeth Cross, Sarah Delly; 40-49) Annette Lomis, Amy Lennon, Kim Girolamo; (50-59) Lauri Kirchner, Diane Lovasz, Sandra Horvath;(60-older) Nancy Pettigrew, Lola Plough, Diane Kelvington.

In the 1-miler, top overall males were Steve Forozzo (5:42.6), Ben Stager (5:55.6) and Tae Genovese (6:34.2), while top females were Brooklyn Swiger (6:20.6), Erin Hallis (7:07.1) and Lisa Hallis (7:15.5).

Age group top three runners in the 1-miler were:

Males -- (7-under) Jack Trook, Henry Trook, Ben Davis; (8-10) Michael Piccirillo, Aiden Cross, Dylan Kindig; (11-14) Kaden Victor, Michael Hale; (20-older) William Stross, Norman Thomas, Edward Rockwood.

Females -- (7-under) Nadia Adams, Addie Strosnider, Gia Iacovetta; (8-10) Alyssa Hallis, Marcella Hydell, Mya Block; (11-14) Madeline Cross, Emmy Fellenstein, Grace Charmley; (20-older) Stacey Ward, Elizabeth Cross, Toni Taylor.