Aurora -- Windy conditions didn't help the improving Aurora girls soccer team in non-league play against West Geauga. The Greenmen battled to a 1-1 tie to stand at 4-1-1 heading into this week's action.

"It was a test of endurance as the wind played a big part in making play difficult for both teams," said coach Jerry Shutway.

AHS was active early on in the Sept. 10 game and led in time of possession, but the locals were unable to finish a number of scoring opportunities.

"We had 4 or 5 very good setups where we broke in on goal and with only their keeper to beat, and we either shot too high, too wide or one where the keeper made a very nice save on what would have been a sure goal with many other keepers," said Shutway.

Then halfway into the first half, West Geauga made it 1-0 when one of its only 3 shots on goal went amidst a crowd of attackers and defenders.

"The wind played a huge role as West G punted the ball every time their keeper got the ball," said the Aurora mentor. "Our fullbacks faced these high dangerous aerial kicks and had a hard time judging where and how they would land because of the gusty conditions.

"However, in the second half West G lost the wind advantage, and we were able to control the game on the ground much better."

Halfway into the second half, Aurora's Taylor Burrick scrambled past the Wolverine defense and sneaked a goal past the goalie. Credited with the assist was veteran Courtney Wendel.

Also making for a great comeback were Abby Byard, Sammy Richards and Deanna Sagaris on the frontline, Emma Frankman and Natalie Picone in midfield, and Megan Mihalik and Ally Devins at fullback.

The Greenmen won 4-0 Sept. 7 in a league clash at Barberton to stand 2-0 in the American Conference.

"That game [Barberton] was another opportunity for us to get practice at circulating the ball between our offensive and defensive positions," said Shutway. "We also were able to solidify a new formation that we may want to use in certain games in the future."

Sammy Richards put in two goals, while Burrick and Sarah Nemeth each had one. Jenna Geier had 2 feeds.

AHS hosts Highland in league play tonight (Sept. 14) and has a tough non-league visit Sept. 17 at Solon before hosting Revere in league play Sept. 22.