Burton -- Aurora's Harmon School fared well in opening cross country action Aug. 23 at the Berkshire Earlybird Invitational, with the girls capturing second place and the boys nabbing third among 14 schools.

Two Harmon runners took second-place overall on the 2-mile course, as Robbie Taylor was nudged out at the finish line and completed the course in 13:03.5 for the boys, and Katy Fellenstein came in at 14:48.7 for the girls.

Other boys figuring in the team score were: Kyle Ruehr, 17th in 14:25.7; Zach Goldston, 20th in 14:43.9; Andy Garr, 22nd in 14:49.3; and Max Goldston, 25th in 14:57.3.

Other girls figuring in the team scores were: Liz Keller, sixth in 15:03.8; Maddie Schmitt, ninth in 15:19.7; Brynn Sesny, 13th in 15:27.8; and Kate Walton, 27th in 16:18.5.

Rounding out the boys times were: Michael Kaplan, 29th in 15:04; Logan Adler, 50th in 15:55.2; Jack Pfiffner, 52nd in 16:00.7; Alex Wintering, 54th in 16:02.1; Max Hale, 67th in 16:22.2; Zach Thomas, 68th in 16:22.7.

Luke Calder, 71st in 16:27.8; Dominic Felice, 73rd in 16:30.5; Jake Marchese, 85th in 16:42.2; Kameron Fry, 121st in 18:35.7; Carter Miley, 129th in 18:54.7; Ethan Ellis, 135th in 19:19.5; A.J. Ventimiglia, 136th in 19:36.3; and Evan Intihar, 137th in 19:37.6.

Rounding out the girls times were: Sara Gerber, 19th in 16:21.2; Ashley Ruehr, 30th in 16:24.7; Sophia Roberto, 33rd in 16:34.6; Karsen Zabell, 44th in 17:04; Shayla Sellers, 54th in 17:30.3; Elizabeth Barto, 62nd in 17:43; Julia Brezovec, 66th in 17:46.7.

Dottie Horvat, 83rd in 18:29.4; Madison Demyan, 86th in 18:36.4; Sami Richards, 90th in 18:50; Olivia Cymanski, 91st in 18:52; Skylar Joslyn, 97th in 19:00.2; Ryan Kacmar, 114th in 19:49.3; Evie Nyerges, 118th in 20:00.9; Juliet Aini, 120th in 20:07.4; and Abby Toth, 131st in 21:40.9.

Harmon will be back in action Sept. 2 at Wickliffe in a meet which also includes Heritage and West Geauga middle schools.