Aurora -- Jenna Micale, the new Aurora High School varsity softball coach, first became a softball coach for an 18-and-up travel/tournament team she played for.

"When I was too old to play, I helped out coaching with my previous coaches," she said. "I couldn't stay away from the game. Being a teacher as well, especially physical education, I knew I would be teaching and coaching for my career.

"I love sports," she added. "I played every sport when I was younger and before I had to narrow it down to seasons. I enjoy kids of all ages and teaching all I know about a sport to others. I knew sports would be a part of my life forever."

Micale, who succeeds Jessica McDermitt as head coach, was an assistant coach for the Greenmen last season.

"Aurora is a great place to be a part of," Micale said. "After meeting the girls and the success of last season, I was anxious to get started. I felt confident in accepting my responsibilities and the chance to continue to grow as a coach. I couldn't have been more excited to be involved in a great school district.

"The first day I stepped into Aurora, everyone was so welcoming and willing to help me in whatever way they could," she said. "I always feel supported by the people I am involved with including our athletic director, Paul Powers. I would love to further my career in such a great place."

Micale said her goals for her team this season are to play as a team and be competitive.

"I want them to exceed my expectations and continue to always want to improve," she said. "I want them to leave it all on the field and always give their best. Most importantly, I want them to have fun. It is important to get the victory but most important that they strive and continue to improve so the experience is rewarding for all."

MICALE, WHO graduated from Mayfield High School, has a teaching degree in health and physical education from Ohio State University, where she graduated in 2010. She is a substitute teacher at Mayfield Middle School.

In high school, she was a four-year varsity softball starter at catcher and third base and was the team's most valuable player as a junior and senior. She was also a member of the high school swim team. In college, she did not play varsity softball.

"I had a couple of offers at small schools [to play softball], but always wanted to go to OSU," she said.

Micale said she hopes to instill qualities that will last with the players for a lifetime.

"My players are a great group of girls with tremendous talent," she said. "I want them to have confidence in themselves and their teammates.

"I want them all to be role models and leaders as they transition through grades for incoming players, and I want them to learn that to succeed in anything, they need to put their mind into it, too. It takes hard work and dedication. I am putting everything I have into coaching, and I want them to give me the same effort.

"People always told me I could do whatever I put my mind to, and that I had a gift with children," she said. "Coaches told me I was very coachable and a good team leader and player.

"I developed a good work ethic at a young age, being dedicated to swim teams and travel softball teams, working on both all year around. I want to pass along that success comes with hard work and dedication."


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