by Frank Aceto | Associate Sports Editor

Angela Piazza has a good relationship with her head coach, John Brockway.

But the Hudson senior bowler does admit that she wants nothing to do with him sometimes.

Brockway tried to keep his distance, but when it came down to the last shot, he couldn't help himself.

"During the 10th frame of her last game, I went down and talked to her parents," Brockway said. "Angela saw me and she just glared at me."

Fortunately, the two made peace quickly.

That's because Piazza advanced to the Division I state competition. She finished fifth overall out of 84 bowlers with scores of 176, 201 and 203, respectively.

The top five bowlers not on qualifying teams advanced. The four bowlers who posted higher scores than Piazza were on qualifying teams.

Piazza is scheduled to bowl at the state competition March 8 at Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl. Bowling is set to begin at noon.

"I was shocked," Piazza said. "I didn't think I had a chance. It was pretty exciting."

As for the last-frame dilemma, Piazza admitted that she was distracted. As a result, she left a five-seven split and did not pick up the spare.

"I always tell my coach not to say anything when I'm doing well," Piazza said. "He said something to my mom, which was a little annoying. I yelled at him after the game."

So what did Brockway say?

"I just told Angela's parents that I looked at the scores and she had a good shot at advancing," he said. "After she got the strike in the ninth frame, she could have rolled two gutters and still made it."

Piazza's road to the state tournament certainly wasn't an easy one.

Last week at sectionals, she opened with a 144.

"After that game, she was thinking, 'My season is done,'" Brockway said. "She didn't think she could rebound. But she bowled a 189 and a 213 and made it out by two pins."

Piazza wasn't the only Hudson bowler at the district meet.

Junior Logan Booth ended his season with scores of 186, 150 and 166. He finished 61st out of 102 bowlers.

This is the first time Hudson will be represented at the state meet since the Lady Explorers finished eighth at the 2010 state competition.

"I'm just going to see what it's like and enjoy it," Piazza said.


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