Aurora -- Harmon School assistant wrestling coach Mike DeMay, as he approaches his 300th career victory, has developed a rapport with his wrestlers through the years. Here are some comments from his current wrestlers.

Eighth-grader and team captain Bubba Arslanian -- "Coach DeMay always brings good energy whenever he's here. He always gives good support, no matter what the outcome."

Eighth-grader and team captain Jordan Pollard -- "Coach DeMay is always helpful in the wrestling room and on the mat. Whenever we need help in a match or in practice, he's always there to support us and make sure we get everything right."

Seventh-grader Drew McVay -- "Coach DeMay is a good coach who has taught us a lot. When I don't get a move, he shows me exactly what to do and how to do it."

Seventh-grader Max Keilin -- "He brings energy to this team. He keeps this team positive. He teaches more than wrestling. He teaches life lessons."

Eighth-grader Zach Jenkins -- "Every day, he always seems to have advice for the whole team about wrestling or life in general. He is one of the best people I know."

Seventh-grader Virgil Glorioso -- "I've known him since I went to Craddock School. During matches, he stays cool, calm and collected, which helps me because I know to stay calm. If I lose, he is supportive, which is nice."

Eighth-grader Daniel Droder -- "Coach DeMay is a very kind and respectful person. He seems to always be able to make people laugh. After every match, he comes to me and tells me what I did right or wrong."

Eighth-grader Dom Stuber -- "After only being coached by Mr. DeMay for two months, I have noticed he is a man with a lot of class. His [upcoming] 300th victory has also shown how his coaching abilities have evolved to make him a master of the mat."

Seventh-grader Ryan Scantland -- "He looks for the wrestler who's having trouble with a move or who is taking a loss too hard and he'll cheer you up enough for him to show you a move without resistance. He canhelp you personally and physically. He can also be a friend when you need one."

Eighth-grader Connor Bizjak -- "Thank you for coaching us and being so nice. You teach us and inspire us to keep fighting in matches."

Eighth-grader Josh Loudon -- "One of the best coaches I have ever had. Always supportive. Always looks for things to work on. Always has new moves for us to know the next day."

Eighth-grader Patrick Windsor -- "As a first-year wrestler, Coach DeMay has helped me a lot with my wrestling skills. With that help, it makes me want to come back more and more."

Eighth-grader Max Blakeway -- "He is a great person. He was one of the first people to get me interested in wrestling. He is a very positive person, which is what you need to be if you compete or coach in the toughest sport on the planet. He will help you when you're down and will cheer you on when you're dominating. He's one of the best overall coaches and people in the world."

Eighth-grader Karson Lund -- "He is a great coach and is helpful and cheerful every day."

Seventh-grader Michael Carrasco -- "He helps me when I don't understand moves. He always helps us as soon as he can."

Seventh-grader Jimmy Kish -- "Coach DeMay is a great overall coach who helps us learn moves and do moves off moves."

Seventh-grader Jacob Loudon -- "He is a very determined coach. He sets many goals. He has taught all of us many great moves to make us better wrestlers."

Seventh-grader Mason Copley -- "Coach DeMay is a great coach because whenever I can't get a move, he always helps me perfect it."

Seventh-grader Nate Whitelaw -- "He is a good coach who comes to practice to help and give advice. He tells you what to do during a match to make you a better wrestler."

Eighth-grader Caleb Tinsley -- "Mr. DeMay is a great coach, and I have learned a lot. He is very supportive during matches and practices. He is nice and enthusiastic and makes me want to come back each day. He pushes me to go farther."

Eighth-grader Jaret Rose -- "He always makes practices fun with the attitude he brings. At practice, he always makes drilling fun. He always has a story to tell us and shares his memories. At matches, he always tells me what the wrestler we watched could do better, and after my match, he helps go over things with me. Not only is he important to the wrestling team, but also he is important to Aurora as a health and physical education teacher."

Eighth-grader Robby Albrecht -- "He is a coach who understands what is going on in everyone's minds and can help you. He gets into what he does. His experience shines through. He helps me and encourages me to do better. That's what keeps me wrestling."

Eighth-grader Nate Smierciak -- "Coach DeMay has always helped me during practice. I'm only a first-year wrestler and the stuff he teaches me has helped me with some wins."

Eighth-grader Matt Crissman -- "He is a very nice and helpful coach. He has helped me in many ways. He has given me both pros and cons after each match. Win or lose, he congratulates me. He tells me what I need to work on and the good things I've done. He is a very good coach."

Eighth-grader Kain Beaston -- "He is a very nice coach. On the side of the mat, he always keeps us focused on the match and gives us advice."

Eighth-grader Will Lovell -- "He is an experienced coach and keeps the team disciplined. He always helps us adjust our moves to make them better. We enjoy his presence."