Aurora -- As Mike DeMay arrived at Leighton School on Jan. 11, he was told an emergency staff meeting was about to take place.

"What could it be about?" he wondered to himself.

When DeMay walked through the door, he realized it was actually a surprise gathering of staff members to congratulate him on winning his 300th -- and 301st -- victories as an assistant wrestling coach at Harmon School. Harmon defeated West Geauga 51-30 and Kenston 59-18 at home Jan. 10.

"A lot of teachers congratulated me," DeMay said. "It was nice."

DeMay, a physical education instructor, teaches grades 3 to 5 at Leighton and grade 9 at Aurora High School.

At the gathering, there was also a cake with a "300" on it, plus a poster that included the names of coaches who have achieved 300 or more victories like famed college basketball coaches Dean Smith and Bobby Knight.

DeMay, though, would never put himself in that category.

"Mike is as humble as you can get," Harmon head wrestling coach Paul Frankmann said. "He was excited to get his 300th victory. He is an institution. He makes people feel good and believe in themselves."

Others who attended the milestone event included DeMay's wife, Sue; his parents, Tom and Laureen; his sister, Laurie; Ron Hegedish, who was the Harmon head wrestling coach for 22 years prior to Frankmann; high school head wrestling coach Dick Bliss; and many former Harmon wrestlers.

After the matches, Harmon co-captains Bubba Arslanian and Jordan Pollard presented DeMay with a sweatshirt to acknowledge his 300th victory.


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