By Matt Lofgren | CorrespondentChagrin Falls ended Woodridge's hopes of a playoff run early, taming the Bulldogs to a 60-28 on Saturday to move on and play Ravenna in the next round of the Division III state playoffs.The Bulldogs used a spirited effort to hang with the Tigers for three quarters, before Chagrin Falls pulled away. "Coach (Mark) Iammarino (of Chagrin Falls) said it best, and he's seen us play a couple of times over the last few years, he said, 'No matter what the score is or what's going on, we fight tooth and nail,' " Woodridge coach Eric Ervin said. "I'm very, very proud of that. They were healthy at the right time, we were unhealthy at the wrong time unfortunately."Leading the way for the Bulldogs all game long was senior John Reid. Reid burst onto the scene on Woodridge's second drive, scoring from 72-yards out on a quick run up the middle to bring the Bulldogs within one point of the Tigers.All game long, Reid set the tone on the field as the other 15 seniors watched proudly at what the team was able to accomplish.While Reid led his team in scoring with two touchdowns, the senior back fought hard on his last play as a high school football player on his 20th touch of the night. With just four minutes left in the game, Reid rumbled forward for a gain of 7 yards on his last touch to put him at 202 yards for the game."John Reid," Ervin said as he took a moment to reflect. "There aren't too many like him in high school football."Reid and this senior class was only the second class ever to reach the state playoffs at Woodridge. Back when the seniors were freshmen, the Bulldogs made it to the tournament and inspired a whole new group of Bulldogs."The last game of the season when we lost, I didn't breakdown emotionally, and I don't know why," Reid said. "Now that I'm here and I've realized how much work we put into it and how good these teams are and how much work they put into, it just culminates emotions that you don't think you have. They come out during these games because that's how much they mean to you."Ervin was essential for planting this playoff run seed back in 2009 when he called up several of his seniors now as freshmen back then."We brought a handful of them up with us to our playoff run and it's paid off," Ervin said. "We did the same thing with the freshmen this year, but hopefully it's not another three years until we get back though."Like all teams that make it to the state playoffs, the Bulldogs worked through a vigorous training program to get here. Reid reflected back on what he said was the "hardest" training he had ever done."We've put in a lot of work over the offseason," Reid said. "Our coach Phill (Martter) puts us through the hardest series of workouts that I've ever done in my entire life and I really appreciate that."Woodridge senior quarterback Sean McCoy accounted for Woodridge's other two touchdowns, running in a 6-yard score in the second quarter and hitting Nelson Perry with a 13-yard pass in the third quarter.Woodridge finished 14-of-34 through the air for 195 yards.The Bulldogs defense had a tough time handling the Tigers' multi-formation offense. Chagrin Falls finished with 245 yards rushing and 298 yards passing.E-mail: stowsports@recordpub.comPhone: 330-541-9442