Please refer to the article by Steve Wiandt published June 11 - relating to the elimination of teaching posts ("Falls School Board OKs eliminating 18 teaching posts," Page 1).

In this article, two BOE members say, "... Due to many circumstances beyond our control, we find ourselves in this extremely difficult financial condition, .... " and "I think our Board members are going to have to discuss, and come to terms with, what we're going to do and the community is going to have to have those discussions with us and come to some agreement on how we can proceed and be fiscally sound, ... ."

My understanding is our voters know other school districts provide for variations in their budget - within the traditional use of a contingency. This, without the promotion of a reduction in force. The gap between what voters know about other districts and the drama promoted by a few of our BOE members triggers questions regarding credibility and competence.

In my opinion, the credibility of our BoE could be improved by using an intelligent collection process.

Here is a definition for us to work the process.

1. Identify the need for data to deliver intelligent reports to our CFCSD voters - via a website where voters can comment.

2. Collect the raw information needed to finalize intelligent reports.

3. Process/convert the vast amount of information collected into a format useful by the analysts/voters in CFCSD.

4. Consider the information's reliability, validity, and relevance.

5. Email voters and link them to the rough drafts and final report - with a request for feedback.

Given our current situation, voters have less reason to trust the words of some of our BOE members.

BOE members need to provide credible sources and logical reasons to further their own agenda.

Our situation is further compromised by non-public meetings held by a business advisory group.

This group seems to use a process of groupthink.

The result is that voters question the integrity/duality of some BOE members.

Lou Schott, Cuyahoga Falls