What is happening to our beautiful Cuyahoga Falls? The powers that be are ruining our great little town. So far they have taken the falls out of Cuyahoga Falls along with a nice Front Street that you could walk and feel safe with benches to rest on.

This is a list of some of the things they have ruined for us besides already noted:

The beautiful fountain at the north end;

The fountain for the kids to play in at the south end;

The ice skating rink;

Rockin' on the River;

The Monday evening car shows;

The Italian festival;

Oktoberfest and

The Irish festival

And now they are working on doing away with the Gorge Dam.

If they think being able to drive down Front Street will bring more business to Cuyahoga Falls, they should have thought it through. People will still go to the shopping centers. They could have used all that money for better things.

If this is progress, I have another name for it that you would not be able to print.

Lawrence Snyder, Cuyahoga Falls