Here we go again. In the June 28 News Leader, Nordonia Superintendent Joe Clark suggested a levy may be upcoming (Page 1, "Forecast shows schools will dig into cash reserves next year"). Instead of seeking more tax money, when will they address the issues contributing to it? That is an unsustainable, outdated cost structure.

The current system penalizes our best teachers by giving them the same automatic raises as the worst performing ones. Why continue such an archaic system?

A principal can earn a PhD and receive an automatic raise because of this system. Well, unless that school's results are so much higher than another run by a principal without a PhD, there is no way an automatic raise should be given. Once again, it's an outdated personnel model. Raises should be based upon performance and not just earning a degree.

There is also the extremely lucrative healthcare program for district employees, with them paying substantially below the national average for employee healthcare premium contributions. This too is an antiquated model that needs to change.

This confirms the problem with our current weak school board. They kick the can down the road instead of addressing, and resolving, the issues. That's why if board members Tammy Strong and Nick Berchtold run for reelection this fall, we need to "kick" them aside too. Giving them more money is not the answer. They need to fix the problems first and then ask for more money. They continue to hope voters will believe the line of, "It's for the children." While that may play well on someone's sympathies, it's not accurate.

We need strong board members willing to stand up and do the right thing. As chairperson of Citizens for Strong Nordonia Hills' Schools and a proud district parent, I urge you to consider running for our school board this November to replace the existing weak members.

John E. Brachna, Sagamore Hills