To the young couple that came to my aid on Thursday, June 29,

In all the commotion I failed to properly acknowledge your assistance in helping my puppy cross Hudson-Aurora Road safely. Earlier, while out for a walk on Dillman Drive, my puppy was spooked by a very large and noisy garbage truck. Frightened, he broke free from my grip on his leash and made a run for home. I could not catch up with him, despite my pleas that he stop. I was terrified, as I knew he was heading for home and would try to cross Hudson-Aurora Road on his own. Thankfully you two appeared at the exact time he neared the busy road. You daringly stood in the middle of Hudson-Aurora Road and stopped traffic, as I frantically tried to catch up to my puppy. We both made it across safely, thanks to your quick thinking. I'm sorry that in my emotional state I did not ask your names or thank you properly. Please know that I am very grateful for your help. It was truly a selfless act of kindness to come to our aid in the manner that you did. And we are so very thankful. Sincerely,

Ciaran Reilly (and Trouper),