I strongly believe that public streets are for driving upon. There may be an occasional need in a low traffic area for parking, perhaps on a residential street, but main thoroughfares should not have obstructions to the free flowing movement of vehicles.

Our city ordinances provide for parking requirements for commercial establishments, churches, restaurants, etc. There is no reason the Metropolitan parks and Front Street hotels and merchants shouldn't do the same.

When cars are parked along a street, accidents happen. Car doors are opened into oncoming traffic, parked cars are rear-ended, in a two-way traffic environment, cars are side-swiped and all sorts of other grief happens. As a person that uses an automobile to get from point A to point B, I prefer to not have impediments to my travels.

Therefore, I am unalterably opposed to any parking on thoroughfares, be it Front Street or Portage Trail. The congestion on Portage Trail is such that I totally avoid the Portage Crossing area. I am quite sure other drivers, including delivery trucks are now using North Haven Boulevard to avoid the cluster at Portage Trail and State Road.

Therefore, I am totally opposed to any proposal to put parking on the already congested block of Portage Trail between Second and Front Street, as well as the area of Front Street south of Hillcrest. I strongly feel that merchants or organizations that wish to cater to motorists should provide their own parking facilities for the convenience of their patrons and not depend on public roadways for such use.

Donald Nelsch, Cuyahoga Falls