THUMBS UP ... To Macedonia City Council and Mayor Joe Migliorini and his administration for their quick work in moving forward with $1.65 million in much-needed road repairs, which are expected to begin as soon as next month.

Following approval of Issue 3 by a margin of more than 2-1 (roughly 70-30 percent) at the May 4 special election, the administration wasted no time in putting forth its plan to put the 0.5 percent income tax increase to use.

Council approved the first nine roads to be addressed at its June 21 meeting and plans to fix two more groups of roads are being prepared for next year. Officials who supported the income tax increase pledged to put it to work as soon as possible to stave off decline in the city.

In addition to the roadwork, officials said approval of the tax issue made it possible for the city's annual FunFest to continue, and stabilized operation of the city's recreation center. Residents -- even those who opposed the tax issue -- should give city officials credit for sticking to their word and should look forward to benefiting from the investment in their community Issue 3 represents.