As a citizen involved in attending city of Stow Council meetings, I am appalled at the manner in which the attempt to create a combined dispatch center between Summit County, Stow and surrounding communities is being handled by our mayor.

As the self proclaimed "CEO of the City," it appears that she has only her desires in mind. She continues to push this idea for a combined dispatch on the premise that it will better serve the taxpayer. This would imply that our current dispatch center and team are under-performing or inadequate.

Furthermore, when I asked the question, at a full Stow City Council meeting with all community representatives present, if the people would be better served or would the city of Stow save money with a combined system, there was no reply. The mayor has threatened to go around City Council representatives for funding on studies by using the Board of Control.

Most recently, she did not inform Council when she signed a memorandum of understanding with other communities, until two hours before the Council meeting. These are our representatives who need to be kept in the loop about government spending our tax money. I believe she is trying to create this Council of Governments in order to be appointed a position by the county executive in the future, as she will be term limited after this term.

I believe we are well served by the present system, and would be better suited to continue to improve it. This is a "CEO'' who has no concern for funds that she herself has not earned and cannot be trusted with.

Paul Zuravel, Stow