Bethesda honored its veterans on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017 by re-dedicating our WWI Memorial Clock along with the newly constructed Murray Family Memorial Plaza.

Honor and community pride was quite amazing that day with an estimated 500 in attendance, not only Bethesda residents, but also those from the surrounding area. It was a great day with probably the largest parade we have ever had with residents lining both sides of the street along the parade route.

The new Memorial Plaza is nothing short of amazing and would not have been possible without the generosity and hometown pride that Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Murray and family have for our community. It will serve to honor our veterans and be enjoyed by our residents for generations to come.

In the short time it has been completed, I see people during the day and evening stopping to see the clock and walk through the plaza.

The planning of this project took at great deal of time and work by a lot of very talented people, with construction being completed in just eight months.

In my opinion, day one of construction was just as historic as the day the clock was placed upon the Orrison Building nearly 97 years ago.

There are so many that had a part in the project from just an idea to the actual work that made what you see today, that I would not want to try and name everyone as not to forget anyone.

I would, on behalf of our veterans, village residents and village officials, like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Murray and their family along with many who had a part in creating this beautiful memorial.


Bethesda Mayor Martin Lucas