I want to address why my husband and I supported the recent Aurora schools levy.

The explanation of the levy's need was well documented by the superintendent. Without any preconception, I listened to him speak one evening. Taxpayers asked informed questions and he answered forthrightly.

So why the need for my letter now that the issue is settled? It is important for those who supported the levy to explain their reasoning. Four years ago my husband and I moved to Aurora. We both had come from excellent educational backgrounds. Our oldest child was out of college and working and our younger daughter had just graduated from high school and was starting her freshman year at a university in Chicago.

So our children did not benefit from the education provided by the Aurora schools.

I had been exposed to an excellent public school system much like Aurora. The Mount Lebanon district is a nationally recognized school system. It provided an incredible education, not just from the perspective of the teaching staff, but its curriculum.

The English department had no less than 15 literature classes. The chemistry, biology, and physics labs were better than all universities in the Pittsburgh area combined. The planetarium and fine arts building rounded out an education where no aspect was left behind.

My husband and I moved here because of the school system and the overall environment that makes Aurora top-notch. We expected and accepted the fact we would pay more even if it did not directly impact our own family.

When children are exposed to excellent, well-qualified teachers, staff and facilities, they are more inclined to reach further, do better and become contributing members of society. That is why we supported the levy.

Gina Ehrhart, Aurora