On April 22, Mayor Walters hosted a meeting for the Neighborhood Excellence program at the Natatorium. There were close to 100 people there, all energetic and excited to learn and share information with their fellow Cuyahoga Falls residents. Among the things explained were how to engage and connect residents to available city services and details on the upcoming Friday night events down on Front Street.

We were encouraged to have gatherings in our neighborhoods so that we could help spread these messages. Mayor Walters even volunteered to attend these gatherings as a way to better connect residents to their local government leaders. In all my time as a resident of Cuyahoga Falls, I have never seen a more engaged and positive group of people, all with the goal of improving our community through collaboration and knowledge. I want to thank Mayor Walters and his administration for giving me, and others, the opportunity to take an active role in moving our city in a positive direction.

Debbie Ziccardi, Cuyahoga Falls