We who live in Tallmadge and are very fortunate to have a "hike and bike" trail close by. Now that the trail is being improved and lengthened, it is tremendously important to remind bikers to let walkers/joggers know they are approaching from the rear.

With newer bikes and headphones it is extremely hard to hear a bicycle coming up behind you. A simple and loud "passing on your left" would go a long way. We have told park rangers, city officials and the like to post signs that tell riders to say "passing on the left," but to no avail. There are signs to this effect in downtown Akron. Why do they have to wait until a child, pet or an adult is hurt before someone puts up a few signs?

And, while I'm at it, they took out trash baskets when they repaved the trail. Why not put them back? People tend to throw their trash and "doggie bags" along side the trail. A little help here.

Joanne Krebs,