Warmer weather is finally upon us. I hope you and your family are out and about enjoying the warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and tell you about some exciting projects we have going on in the city of Cuyahoga Falls. I am your new Service Director, Anthony Zumbo, and I started with the city back in early February. I am proud to now be serving this great city as we ramp up our street paving, reconstruction, and repair projects. Additionally, I am honored to be part of the Downtown Transformation Project, as the famous Front Street is once again opened to traffic.

Infrastructure maintenance remains one of Mayor Walters' top priorities. Our 2017 road paving projects are well underway across the city as we continue our aggressive road paving program, with a total expenditure of $2 million to pave and repair our roadways to provide smoother travel for all residents.

Our street maintenance this summer consists of an aggressive five-prong approach. We use contractor paving for the extremely large jobs, our own Street Department paver for targeted large repair areas, a Durapatcher for larger shallow repairs, a "Hotbox" asphalt for patching potholes and depressions, and a utility patching contract to finish underground utility repair sites. Every pothole that has been submitted to our "Pothole Hotline" program has been repaired, and we will continue to traverse the city to address any that appear. Mayor Walters even has police officers turning in potholes they encounter while on patrol. The public is welcome to report potholes by calling 330-971-8245 or visiting cityofcf.com/pothole.

The city of Cuyahoga Falls took the next step in the revitalization of our downtown last month with a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the removal of the pedestrian mall that has been the hallmark of our downtown for 40 years. The removal of the mall is the next step in the plans to reinvigorate our downtown through the Downtown Transformation Project. Tree removal has been completed, work on the Green Parking Deck has commenced, and infrastructure improvements are forthcoming. I will keep you updated throughout the summer on this exciting project. In the meantime, visit cityofcf.com/downtown-transformation to access all of the information relating to the Downtown Transformation Project.

As our street paving projects continue throughout the year, please be mindful when driving, walking or biking outdoors. As always, please remember to drive safely while traveling through our city, paying particular attention to construction areas and children or pets at play.