We need you! Are you an independent thinker? Are you strong-willed? What about doing the "right thing" even when unpopular? Are you willing to stand up to bullies? Do you care about the future of our community? If so, we need you on our Nordonia Hills School Board.

As Treasurer of Citizens for Strong Nordonia Hills' Schools, proud parent of two Nordonia students, and a Nordonia graduate myself, we need to fix our school board mess. Public records show a disrespectful, unprofessional Board apparently not open to opinions/ideas different from their own.

They forget that they work for us. While they may be nice to your face, behind the scenes you can be called a whole bunch of names, some of which can't even be publicly printed. If our kids talked to their teachers this way, they likely would, and should, get suspended. So why should we tolerate it from district leadership?

It appears to be a very intolerant board that forgets 64 percent of us rejected their last tax increase. They don't listen, so rejecting their levies is about the only way to get their attention. We've got some great teachers and academics, but some terrible leadership.

If you're willing to consider running for our Board, please email me at jblazek@strongnordoniaschools.org and let's chat. There are three positions coming up for election in November so this is our chance to take back our schools. It's time to drain the swamp and get the majority.

We need Board members who properly lead the Superintendent versus the current Board that lets their employee, the Superintendent, control them.

We need Board members who know their role is to serve the residents and taxpayer, and are not servants of the "hired help." Our community, but especially our children, need you. Please serve.

Jim Blazek, Macedonia