To the Aurora voters,

school levy co-chairs...

On behalf of the Board of Education, administration, staff and students of the Aurora schools, I would like to thank the voters for overwhelmingly approving the 5.9-mill new funding levy on May 2. Your approval of these critically required funds will enable the continued elite level of education that is provided to our students by our teachers and staff.

In this era of continuing school funding cutbacks by the Ohio state government and the diversion of public school funds to private school vouchers and charter schools by the Federal government, it is difficult to continue to ask the voters for additional money.

Our Board and administration appreciate your support and will continue to strive to be recognized for our extremely efficient financial management and wise use of resources.

Even after the approval of this levy, Aurora still has the lowest real estate tax rate among the 15 districts whose high schools were recently rated the best in Northeast Ohio by U.S. News and World Report, yet we are proud to say Aurora High was rated first academically.

We pledge to continue to provide this excellent value to our children and our community.

On behalf of the Board, I would also like to extend a special recognition to our levy co-chairs Amy Papesh and Angie Bolbach, without whose tireless and outstanding efforts the passage of the levy would have been much more difficult. They exemplify the community spirit and excellent citizenship that makes Aurora an outstanding place to live.

Gerald P Kohanski;

President, Aurora

Board of Education

To Aurora community...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you with grateful hearts for all of your support, encouragement and hard work that went into passing the 2017 Aurora school levy. Countless hours were donated by neighborhood champions, teachers, staff, mothers, fathers, grandparents, business owners and friends of the schools.

To each and every one of you, we offer our sincere thanks. The children of this community will continue to benefit from the excellence of the Aurora schools due to your loyal support.

This "yes" campaign was a team effort. Many members of the community gathered to support the schools and get the word out. We thank you for the emails you sent, the gatherings you hosted, the phone calls you made, the doors you knocked on, the social media messages you posted, the yard signs you displayed, the magnets you placed on your cars, the buttons on your coatsit all mattered.

To all of you who participated, no matter how big or small, we thank you.

The Aurora school district has so much to be proud of and we, as a community. should take pride in our schools. The passage of this levy will allow our children to continue to excel in the outstanding school system we have worked so hard for. Our children are the community's future and you, the community, have showed us that our children come first.

Amy Papesh, Angie Bolbach,

2017 levy committee co-chairs

To Fill a Bag volunteers

and business backers...

We thank all who helped April 29 with the Fill a Bag, Feed a Family campaign. Although the total amount of food collected and monetary donations have not been tallied yet, we know it was a successful campaign and we could not have done it without the number of volunteers it took to make it work.

From the rolling party in March to prepare the bags, to the bag drop off April 22, to the rainy day pickup on the 29, it was quite a team effort taken on by many.

We also say thanks to the many businesses that helped support the Fill a Bag, Feed a Family campaign. Thanks for your kind donations. With over 95 volunteers picking up the food and another 70 working at the baseball warehouse to sort the food left on door steps of the giving Aurora community, we were able to work throughout the day.

Businesses donated goods to make the campaign run with print and bag donations to boxes for storage, as well as food and drink to help the volunteers counting, sorting and running through town.

Thanks to Costco of Boston Heights, Dunkin' Donuts, Heinen's, Marc's, Mazzulo's, Pizza Hut, Target of Bainbridge, Walmart of Aurora, 3G Graphics and Graphics by Design.

John, Katie Monroe,