The whole community can express our thankfulness to the School Board for passage of the 5.9-mill levy.

First and foremost, we want to thank you for making this levy permanent, such that we can pay millage forever, unlike the usual renewable levies, where the Board is occasionally held accountable.

But since we blindly trust all of your decisions, that's OK. Be assured with Aurora's median home value of $340,000 many were begging to pay that $750 more per year forever anyway.

Second, thanks for placing it on the ballot as a sole issue during an odd-year primary slot. That logistical stroke of genius resulted in Aurora schools getting to pay the entire cost of the election -- a brilliant waste of more money while simultaneously assuring an unrepresentative voter turnout.

Third, thank you for allowing us to continue to subsidize 87 percent of the premium cost on school employees' Cadillac health plans. We feel good about forced generosity rather than for you to take the time to negotiate sensibly with the unions on health packages similar to the private economy.

Fourth, thanks for refusing to make any of those modest "program" cuts announced during the neighborhood levy sessions. We really wanted to rush to a vote with a tax levy before actually changing the slope of the expense budget. Spend, spend, spend in the name of "programs" is our motto.

Lastly, we bask in the enjoyment of being deceived. Reneging on your 2012 levy promise of not coming to voters "until at least 2018," when you had a $7 million cash balance, was icing on the cake. By sinking to a new low in terms of trustworthiness, our expectations were greatly exceeded.

Gary Henrich, Aurora