I recently had the opportunity to attend a Neighborhood Ambassador meeting. It was eye opening.

I have never heard so many reasons why people love Cuyahoga Falls. Neighborhood Ambassadors is a remarkable initiative put together by Mayor Walters and his administration. I was also happy to hear from our new library director Valerie Kocin at this meeting. She has a great vision for adapting to new technology while also keeping some of the traditional library offerings. Interestingly, our library is run by a Board of Trustees, a group of resident volunteers who dedicate their free time to this great resource. That group includes Debbie Ziccardi, who serves as treasurer of the library board, helping to make sure the library never again gets taken advantage of.

So kudos to all neighborhood ambassadors, Mayor Walters, and Debbie Ziccardi. All of their hard work makes Cuyahoga Falls a great place to live.

Anthony Gomez, Cuyahoga Falls