The Belmont Co. Suicide Prevention Coalition would like to express our most gracious thanks to the Barnesville High School Girls Softball team and Coach Leslie Skinner for their very generous fundraising effort at their game on Friday, April 21, 2017, in celebration of the life of Barnesville High School student Caleb Williams who passed away on February 18th of this year. Caleb was a victim of suicide, a symptom of the disease of depression. Our deepest sympathy remains with his family, but we celebrate that awareness and support for treatment of this most serious side effect of depression. The Belmont Co. Suicide Prevention Coalition works to increase awareness about suicide as a public health issue, eliminate the stigma of suicide, and support suicide prevention efforts. We are affiliated with the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation. We are glad that the parents and players of the BHS Girls Softball team are willing to help in these efforts.

Sincerely, Rev. Ted Buehl Treasurer, Belmont Co. Suicide Prevention Coalition