In the April 16 edition of the Falls News-Press there was an article about the upcoming 4.75-mill Cuyahoga Falls City School District renewal levy. In that article Superintendent Nichols mentioned savings this year that were expected to cut about $590,000 of the approximately $1.050 million in total deficit spending that was incurred in the last fiscal year of 2015-16. I find it unfortunate that the lion's share of this total is only a blend of previously phased out spending and other new savings only "anticipated" to end. Not all of the reductions mentioned are cut and dried. I have concerns that when the current fiscal year 2016-17 ends in June, we could have another huge deficit in annual spending that will again reduce the already minimal district cash reserves. This dire forecast is not new. Over a year ago, the district treasurer's five-year forecast showed an ever-increasing string of annual deficits leading to insolvency for our schools in FY2018-19.

It is my opinion that our Board of Education needs to press the Superintendent to bring forward a new and currently relevant plan tailored to end this dire situation. Other than an occasional questioning of the superintendent about his plans to cut spending, there has been no written plan asked for by a majority of the BOE to avoid increasing the deficit. The BOE is the steward of our hard earned and hard paid tax dollars. As my grandfather always said, "Watch your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves." Well, in my opinion, if the BOE and the Administration do not start micro-managing this budget soon, in an effort to watch our pennies, the State of Ohio will be forced to come in and review everything ... it's called Ohio Department of Education Fiscal Watch.

Bob Williams, Cuyahoga Falls