We are submitting this Letter to the Editor on behalf of ourselves and our fellow Munroe Falls City Councilmembers, John Hegnauer, Gary Toth, Jenny Markovich and Jim Iona.

The Ohio Auditor has issued a financial warning for the city of Munroe Falls for the year 2015. They have identified four (4) Cautionary Outlooks and two (2) Critical Outlooks regarding the city's financial health. Two major problem areas are Operating Deficits Exist and Shortage in Revenues to Cover Expenses Exist.

This is not new news to the city as the previous administration saw it and the former finance director projected it in his 2010 five-year forecast.

The 2016 audit is taking place now and neither of these areas has been corrected.

The passage of Issue 22 last November is a start in the right direction and the administration has started the process to rebuild/repave our streets and to address longstanding stormwater issues, but more help is needed. It is financial help and no Councilmember or city administrator wants the taxes to increase.

However, the reality is, we are limited on business infrastructure in our city. We pay less millage than Silver Lake (a smaller community), Stow and Cuyahoga Falls (both with a much larger business base). With the passage of Issues 4 and 5 this May, our millage will still be less than those communities.

We support these issues and ask that you please give them your support as well and return our city to the financial well-being we all have come to expect and deserve.

Steve Stahl, Munroe Falls City Council president

Chris Ritzinger, Munroe Falls City Councilmember