I urge Macedonia residents to please vote "Yes" for Issue 3. Macedonia needs this to pass so we can continue to support our city services, our rec center and fix our roads. The financial state that our city is in is not a pretty picture. There is no conspiracy going on. This is not a new tax. Do you want bad deteriorating roads? That is what we have. Do you like dodging pot holes while driving in our neighborhoods? That is what we have. Do you want to lose some city services? That is what will happen. Do you want the rec center to close? That is what will happen. Do you want your property value to go down? That is what will happen.

I moved to Macedonia in 1993, raised my family here, built a life for us and never have I felt this frustrated with the views of my fellow Macedonians. Where is the logic for not supporting what will make our city and our lives better? We have all heard the saying "You get what you pay for." Well, I invested in my home and my city, and I don't want that to be taken away by people who think you can have "something for nothing." That is not how life works. It cost money to run a city: plowing, leaf pick-up, road maintenance, Fun Fest, road paving, low-income senior services, and the rec center. Whether one personally uses these services isn't the point. The point is that it makes our city desirable to have these services. But the roads - we all use the roads in Macadonia. Is this the picture we want for Macedonia -- the city we call home? Become educated. Attend council meetings or watch them online. Issue 3 is critical for Macedonia.

Tracey Ruggiero, Macedonia