On May 2, Macedonia voters have the great task of deciding the future of our city. We live in a time when less federal tax dollars are passed back to the states; thus state budgets allow for less and less money to be passed back to local communities. More has to be done with less everywhere -- including in our own homes. We, the voters of Macedonia, need to decide the type of community in which we want to live. The community I wish to live in should have more than sufficient funds for basic infrastructure needs, which include paved, plowed and regularly maintained roads along with controls in place to manage stormwater runoff that may damage that basic city infrastructure.

I am willing to pay more because I want more for my city and I want more from my city. Macedonia is a good community with good people. Issue 3 on the May 2 ballot is our opportunity as Macedonia residents to decide our future. It is our city and we need to decide how we want to live. We need to say "yes" to ourselves in order to have a brighter future for Macedonia. Residents should take the time and really read the information being presented on both sides of the issue before casting a vote. Sometimes one must look at the bigger picture and think of the long-term ramifications if we don't invest in our community. Now is the time to say "Yes" to Macedonia.

Cathy Loya, Macedonia