I am so sick of what two people on our city Council, along with their supporters, are doing to try and destroy our city. I believe they are still mad about the last mayoral election. Take one look around town and I don't think anyone can argue that our roads are falling apart. I don't see a plan from the other side on how to raise the money needed to fix the roads, currently pegged at over $20 million.

The longer they put it off, the more the roads deteriorate. Many are at the point where they need a total replace, not just a grind and topcoat. Our city does not operate with a surplus of money each year. I've spent a good deal of time at City Hall over the last 25 years and I am proud as a resident on how much the city gets done with such a small staff. We have excellent police, fire, and service departments, I don't want to see anyone paid off. I've invested a lot of money in my own homes here along with building homes here for others to enjoy. I've added around $2 million to the real estate tax base, and really enjoy living in Macedonia. It really irks me to see people use any excuse to get out of paying their fair share to keep our city up. If you think it's too much to pay, I would kindly tell you then to move. Do us all a favor.

Michael P. Hawkins,