On May 2, we have the chance to say, "yes" to our children by voting in favor of the proposed school levy. When asked why they chose Aurora, so many new residents point to our stellar school system, but its future is threatened by the state government's huge cut in school funding.

The proposed levy is not the result of financial mismanagement or some sort of boondoggle to the teachers and administration, as some previous letters to the editor would like you to believe. This levy is needed simply to recoup the $2.4 million we are losing each year in state funding.

If the community doesn't come together to offset this loss, we shudder to think what programs our students will lose. For example, the staff dedicated to our students in special education is currently stretched to its limits; proposed state and federal cuts without increased community support will devastate those students' chances for productive lives.

Frankly, this is a time when we should be talking about increasing resources, not begging simply to keep the status quo. Especially for those students, passing the levy is essential.

Aurora schools are already one of the most efficient districts in the state, boasting one of the lowest costs per pupil when compared to similar districts. In return, our children receive an amazing education with top-notch teachers, fun and educational field trips, and curricula and other activities designed to foster growth in all aspects of their development.

With today's rapidly evolving economy and volatile marketplace, now more than ever we need to invest in our children's future. We strongly encourage you to vote in favor of the school levy.

Carol, Stephen Stoycos, Aurora