As chair of Macedonia City Council's finance committee, I feel residents should vote "Yes" on Issue 3 based on the facts.

Our roads need a $20 million dollar program to bring our roads up to the level residents deserve. Facts: Macedonia's general fund balance at the end of 2017 is projected to be around $825,000. Money paid by Sagamore Hills and Northfield Center for the fire district can only be used, by law, for the fire district and will not be used for Macedonia roads. Employees of the city did not receive a raise in 2017. Health care costs rose, but the plan implemented is less in cost than the original proposal. As of today, the costs are coming in lower than projected. There will be no new additional employee hires in 2017.

Storm water problems need dollars to tackle issues. Fact: NEOSRD money (storm water fees) will assist, but any project must be designed and shown as fully funded by the city. NEOSRD will reimburse after the project completes.

The recreation center will require funding to keep the doors open. Facts: When originally proposed to the residents 20 years ago, it was stated the center would require on-going funding support; Surrounding centers are subsidized by their communities' local funds.

Issue 3 is on the May 2 ballot. Facts: This is not an increase in property taxes; The 100 percent resident tax credit remains; Residents who work outside the city and pay 2 percent or less will be entitled to a refund. I would urge residents to vote "Yes" on Issue 3. Working together, we can provide a strong future for the city of Macedonia.

Jan Tulley, Macedonia