The three most important times of the world have been: Creation, Christmas and Easter. All have to do with God giving man life and providing a way for relationship with Him. This Easter do we recognize the reality of God's existence, goodness, and place in our life?

Since our society has poo-pooed God and truth it is no surprise that some see this Easter Sunday as just a Christian tradition, others see it as a celebration of the Easter Bunny, and some even see it as a get-together of misguided religious fanatics.

These views are no surprise in this secular, postmodern, post Christian, pluralistic culture which often is void of moral conviction and lacks understanding of objective truth. Society has taught us that truth is relative, right and wrong are relative, and each perspective is equally valid.

Despite the effort of some to destroy truth, it remains. Despite ignoring the truth, it remains. Whether the world and our society like it or not, there will be a face-to-face-time with the truth.

It is up to each to decide what to do with it.

If you have not focused on the most important questions in life, now is the time. If your focus has been on yourself, time to refocus. If you think you have a better way than Christ, time to re-evaluate.

God is real. God is good. He made a way for us through Easter Sunday. Easter is Jesus Christ sacrificing His life to save ours and raising from the dead to bring life to us. He brought a free gift we could not afford to buy. Any who accept it, can receive it.

Make this Easter the most important time in your life and accept a relationship with the One who made a way.

John Marshall, Tallmadge