The letter to the editor that was published in the Advocate on April 5 regarding the school levy and district programs contained so many inaccurate statements that we felt the record needs to be corrected.

Our Board of Education comprises accomplished individuals who are very qualified and over the last two decades have efficiently and collaboratively managed the district to new heights in academics while being financially effective in a very challenging funding environment.

Our board president recently retired after a 41-year business career and has made multi-million dollar decisions as a high level business executive for several large corporations.

Our other board members include two individuals who run their own successful businesses, a practicing lawyer and a professional engineer.

The misrepresentation of our academic programs was appalling; there are too many to directly address. Suffice it to say our graduates have gone on to attend prominent colleges and universities such as Princeton, Cornell, Penn, Stanford, MIT, Case Western Reserve, etc., have done remarkably well and graduated with prestigious degrees.

Many have launched successful careers in business and challenging professional areas.

Numerous national publications have ranked us as one of the top achieving public schools in the nation.

We are on the ballot for an operating levy because the state cut $2.4 million from our budget.

This significant decrease in our overall revenue has made it impossible to continue to provide the quality programs we offer our students without additional funds.

This levy is not due to additional employees. We do not have a spending problem; we have a revenue issue.

We are proud of the education we provide the students of this great community.

We will continue to "Put Kids First" in all of our decisions and with your support maintain the outstanding programs and offerings we currently have.

Pat Ciccantelli,