I am writing to encourage my fellow citizens to vote "yes" on the Hudson School Permanent Improvement Fund (PIF) Levy in May.

The PIF Levy renews our commitment to the safety and security as well as technological and structural integrity of our schools. Like many, if not all, of you, we bought a home in Hudson because of Hudson's charming style and excellent school system. Our home is not just our family's sanctuary, but one of our cornerstone investments. As such, it is in our best interest to do everything we can to maintain and even grow that investment, and a key component of that is continuing our excellent school traditions.

The most basic level of sustaining our district's level of excellence is supporting the structural integrity and efficiency of its buildings, and the highest levels of safety and technological support for our students. Without these basic needs being met, students cannot focus on their studies and excel as they traditionally have.

Volunteering in the various school media centers over the last nine years has allowed me to see first hand the escalating technological needs of our students and unique maintenance challenges of the different buildings. The Permanent Improvement Fund Level does not ask us to give more, but rather to simply maintain the same level of support for our schools we have been providing since 1972.

Please join me on May 2 and vote "yes" on the PIF Levy and "yes" in support of our students.

Liz Dragar, Hudson