Don't believe the rhetoric about our schools not needing a new tax levy.

The numbers speak for themselves and they say that this levy is a critical need.

One person said that property values being "up by $33 million" would feed the school district "a healthy diet of 'new' money even without a levy."

That statement is not true.

While some money is gained, the actual amount is so small that it doesn't even come close to covering the expected growth in expenses each year due solely to inflation.

We should all understand the amount of funding our schools receive from the state has been cut drastically ($2.4 million per year) despite years of promises from Columbus that this would not happen.

This has pushed the district into deficit spending which will get worse every year without a new levy.

Prudent cuts have been made over the years, including $500,000 in energy savings.

A new levy is the only way to make up for the loss without forcing the district to provide the opposite of what we all expect -- continued excellence in educating our Aurora children.

Relate our overall local tax bills to comparable communities. Ours are the lowest, and will stay the lowest, even with the levy.

We have schools that perform in the top 2 percent and our cost per pupil is the lowest of similar local districts.

As a longtime administrator in another district, I find school funding frustrating and confusing to people.

Ohio's school funding system is unfair and unjust. Broken financial promises have come from the state, not our local Board of Education.

Excellent schools are the bedrock of great communities, and Aurora has always been a community that supports each other and its children.

That's why we moved here.

Vote "yes" and keep Aurora schools great.

Mike Acomb, Aurora