Residents of Macedonia must vote "yes" on Issue 3 on May 2. Residents shouldn't stay home because it's not November, or vote "no" in protest because one does't like the mayor. Issue 3 is not for a roundabout, it's not for a pool, it's not to line anyone's pockets or give council a blank check to do things one doesn't like.

Issue 3 is for roads and stormwater. Issue 3 is to keep the rec center open. Issue 3 is for protecting property values, for city pride, for keeping the city alive, for keeping the city safe, for keeping senior-related programs going, for keeping parks programs going, for keeping the roads plowed, for keeping your city beautiful and functional.

Issue 3 won't cost residents anything. Residents won't be taxed if they're retired or unemployed.

For those who work in a city where the income tax is 2.25 percent or higher, Issue 3 won't change their paycheck.

If one's income tax goes up from Issue 3, Issue 3 includes a provision for such taxpayers to receive a refund of that increase. Issue 3 is not political.

It's critical, for me, for one's neighbors, for everyone who lives and works here and everyone who will come here in the future because Macedonia will continue to be a great place to be.

But only if we pass Issue 3. There's no excuses left for voting "no" on this levy. Don't stay home -- residents should mark their calendars to go out and vote "yes" on Issue 3 on Tuesday, May 2.

Jessica Brandt, Macedonia