As CEO at Stow-Glen Retirement Village, I am angry and disappointed to see that a large newspaper/website in Cleveland (the Plain Dealer) is again taking a broad brush approach to sensationalize a negative story on nursing homes and caregivers like myself.

I have worked at Stow-Glen for over 20 years, and I take pride in caring for my residents. In fact, sometimes, we are their only family members and we love them. Our residents are mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, firemen and (other occupations) who have lived in and served our community for many years.

Our seniors, as well as younger adults needing rehabilitation, are an important part of our community, and I want to make sure that Stow-Glen is here for them when they need skilled nursing care. Stow-Glen is a great place to work and has been an important part of the Stow community for over 30 years. To attack skilled care centers and their caring professionals while the state is proposing cutting cost for care is discouraging, and scares residents and their families.

As a native of this community and a proud, caring employee, I want to make sure nursing centers remain in business for years to come.

I want to encourage my co-workers and other long term care professionals to stand proud of the care we provide.

Tammy Denton, LNHA CEAL

CEO, Stow-Glen

Retirement Village