Mark your calendars for May 2 and Aug. 9. The first date is Election Day for another tax levy.

Education or employees? Is this levy about student programs or employee expenses? It seems like school programs just keep getting smaller.

Things that have been eliminated include cursive, field trips, home economics, middle school sports and more.

What is the focus now?

Getting kids to read fast, since the school system chose to support federal tests instead of debating them.

So reading gets a period and half, social studies gets less. We won't even talk about a time when every kid left high school knowing how to drop a line, solder and unclog the J trap. Now our kids don't even know how to write their own signature. Think about that one.

Meanwhile, we add employees and benefits. Spouses pile on, because they aren't required to use their company's health insurance plan, and the schools' plan is cheaper (for them) and it's a Cadillac, baby. I got the info from the school's director of public relations. Yep, that's where our tax dollars went. We've had flat enrollment, but more employees.

This brings us to the second date, the due date at the Board of Elections to submit your paperwork to run for the School Board.

While our current Board is well intentioned, not a one of them has made a million-dollar decision before doing so on this Board with your tax dollars. This job may be beyond them.

Endless tax increases because of unwise spending hurt our kids and force our seniors on fixed incomes from their homes.

Are you a million dollar decision maker in the business world? We really need you and a couple of your colleagues to run for School Board. But first, vote May 2.

Sara Fuller, Aurora